Drag and drop tables, with database update, without anything in the <head> tag

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  • 11 years ago
    This is more of a "is this possible" than a how do you do it (although an advice on how would be nice if it is possible :)) I have list in the form of a table that is automatically created from a database. It can contain up to 10 items. The table is a list of user selected items, in the order that the user rates them. At the moment, each item has a "move up" and a "Move down" button next to them, which means that moving something from the bottom to the top takes 9 clicks, not very user friendly. I would like the user to be able to click and drag the itmes into thier prefered order. Now, I have found a couple of scripts that would allow this, which do seem to work, but, they all require a script to be added to the area of the page. Unfortunatley, as my script is called from within another page, I cannot access this area, and I have already checked, it will not be possible to modify the containing page to bring in these scripts To make life extra difficult for myself, the table is generated with 2 items per row: _____________ | Item 1 | Item 2 | ---------------------- | Item 3 | Item 4 | ---------------------- | Item 5 | Item 6 | ---------------------- | Item 7 | Item 8 | ---------------------- I mention this because the scripts I have seen seem to only allow dragging in either horizontal or verticle, but not both at once (Joy :)) Finally, I'm afraid I am no javascript expert. I am very comfortable with server side (PHP/mysql) but my knowledge when it comes to ajax is generally sufficient to install a pre-written script and thats about it. Obviously I'm willing to learn what I need to, but I would rather not have to put the entire project on hold while I learn javascript for what is essentially an asthetic element :) So, first, is what I want to do possible? If so, any advise on where to get started would be great. If not, can anyone suggest an alternative method of making it easier to adjust the order of thier lists? tl;dr - Drag and drop HTML tables that update a database when dropped, without putting anything in the element.

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