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  • 11 years ago
    By now I am sure you are well aware that as of April 8th 2008 Microsoft discontinued all technical support of Visual Basic 6.0. WizData Systems, a Microsoft Partner is conducting a survey of professionals in the software industry with the intent of assessing the continued industry use of Visual Basic 6.0; results will ultimately be shared with Microsoft as well as industry professionals. It is WizData Systems intent to not only gauge the level of usage of the outdated Visual Studio development environments, but also to assess the reaction of software professionals to the process involved with implementing the newer .NET environment, as well as Microsoft’s support in the process of upgrading to .NET. With all this in mind please take 5 minutes to assist us in our research by taking the quick 15 second survey found here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=Dh5NSum5Zx3w5xQoNLLpLQ_3d_3d Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Mike Ford Manager of Technical Accounts WizData Systems, Inc. | 2001 Route 46, Suite 310 | Parsippany, New Jersey 07054 | | Office (973)-975-4163 | www.wdsystems.com| [email protected]

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