Add "Prompting Text" for a Crystal Report parameter in VB6.0

sqlserver , vb6.0 , crsytal reports8.5 , oracle India
  • 11 years ago

    Hi, I want to add "Prompting Text" for a crystal report parameter in VB6.0 using Procedure as DbObject. When report is connected to View, it is able to change the "Prompting Text" of parameter. But when it is connected to Procedure, it is throwing "Not a Report Parameter".

    I found one reason behind this. When we use view, we create parameters explicitly in the report. But for procedure, report will take parameters from procedure. As there are no parameters in report, it throws "Not a Report Parameter".

    So how to add prompting text to the "crystal report parameter" from vb6 when the report uses stored procedure?

    Technogies using: VB6.0,Crsytal Reports 8.5, Oracle/Sql Server

    Coding: CrRep.ParameterFields.GetItemByName(paramname).Prompt = "Enter the description"

    ~ Challenge

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