need help with master pages and wysiwyg editor , csharp , .net Toulouse, France
  • 11 years ago

    hi, i'm using and master pages for a web site. the idea is to let my friend use a web application for his notes. my problem is ,when i'm updating note in the update content page and save the data to the SQL DB i'm using response.transfer to get back to the home page of the site. the problem is that the updated data isn't entered to the DB and i'm getting an annoying message:

    Description: Request Validation has detected a potentially dangerous client input value, and processing of the request has been aborted. This value may indicate an attempt to compromise the security of your application, such as a cross-site scripting attack. You can disable request validation by setting validateRequest=false in the Page directive or in the configuration section. However, it is strongly recommended that your application explicitly check all inputs in this case.

    Exception Details: System.Web.HttpRequestValidationException: A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (ctl00$NotesContentPlaceHolder$elm1="

    i tried to use: ValidateRequest="false" but still nothing...

    what to do?

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