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  • 11 years ago

    I am new to C#, C++ and .Net.

    I am currently returning to programming from a stint in Networking and Cisco engineering. I used to program on IBM mainframes etc using Cobol, assembler, easytrieve, Rexx and clist etc so the command syntax is reasonably familiar to me as are programming standards and structures.

    However I am having quite a bit of trouble getting to grips with the BCL and understanding the various components and what each is designed for and which is best to use in various situations, and in fact how some are actually used and coded.

    I am often scratching my head wondering how the code came about from the descriptions I have found about the BCL components. Basically how to use them and code them seems to be a black art with no intuitive means at all.

    So my question is, apart from the msdn library, which I am finding to be a bit over complicated (and very dry) for my current needs, is there any good reference book, site, pdf that can give me a reasonable description, usage notes etc of the most commonly used .NET components such as System.IO etc ?

    I have read a few book on C# and OODA etc and have found a small program that does part of what I need to do in a project I have, requiring acces to devices via RS-232 ports, but when decoding the program I find myself wondering why the person used the components he did and how would I know which components I should use when I make the changes I need to and add in the extra code that I require and how do I actually use these components when I do find them ?

    I do realise a lot of this will be down to plain old experience, but a helping hand in the right direction would really help a lot.

    Many thanks, George.

  • 11 years ago has 700+ hours of .NET video tutorials. provides you with a syllabus and an easy way to monitor the videos you have watched.

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