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  • 11 years ago

    Hello all. I am new to ASP.NET XML so I am looking for some guidance. I have an XML string that needs to read into an ASP.NET C# Gridview. The XML data actually comes from the CRM SDK crm web service (FetchXML). The XML Elements contain (dots) and attributes which seem to be the issue here. If I do a Replace on the XML and remove the DOT, I still cannot read the entire XML string into Gridview because there is an attribute with that element. (notice the ppl.amount)

    Here is the XML output that was generated from FetchXML: Device with Standard Service for Warranty Device with Standard Service for Warranty {245798D8-0660-DE11-8B1F-00237D653ED0} {C9D286D4-AE18-DE11-8153-00237D653ED0} 20 RF Remote RF Remote {BF107F7D-A461-DE11-8B1F-00237D653ED0} {C9D286D4-AE18-DE11-8153-00237D653ED0} 25

    I need some code that would read this XML properly into a dataset that I can assign to the Gridview datasource.

    Here is the code I am using now: DataSet ds = new DataSet(); result1 = MY XML STRING FROM FETCHXML StringReader rdr; rdr = new StringReader(result1); ds.ReadXml(rdr); GridView1.DataSource = ds.Tables[1]; GridView1.DataBind();

    If I don't set AutoGenerateColumns="false" in the Gridview, it does not display the "ppl.amount" element or the ppl.transactioncurrencyid element. I need those two columns to show in the Gridview as well.

    Can someone help me get this figured out please??
    Thanks a lot!

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