Missing data in server socet application

server , socket , vehicle tracking system , port X─źndiàn, Taiwan
  • 11 years ago

    Dears,i am troubling with a doubt from the last few weeks....am explaing my doubt here...Is anybdy having idea about my subject pls help to clear my doubt....

    i developed a socket application to recive data from port.this application recvng data from a unit through port no 4444(Vehicle Tracking unit). this application recvng data and evrything is ok....but some times no anydata is coming in to this application.for eg:if application recves data 2 days after that 2 days it will recve one or two data only....again after 2 days it will recve all data correcly....that means lot of missing data we have....my question is whether this missing data is bse of my socket application or unit???????

    The manufacturing company telling us unit is sending the data continuiously..but some times this socket application is not recvng data in 2 days interval....i dont know how to solve this issue....is any other setting is required in server to recve data continuously....

    i think socket application 100% is ok...unit maufactures telling unit also sending data continuously...then where the problem is???can anybdy share ur idea about this?

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