Can't combine strings together properly

SystemString , Strings wont add , String Problem Sydney, Australia
  • 11 years ago

    I've been writing a small program lately in managed C++. In the one part of my program I add attempt to add two System::String(s) together - pretty simple hey. But when I add them together the value of the string stays the same! Example:

    Str1 += Str2 + " Hello Everyone" Output: (Str1 == Str2) only

    This is the most obscure thing ever! I've conducted many tests:

    1. I ran the program on another computer - Result stays the same

         Then I decided to test if the same thing would happen for different combinations of adding the strings:
    2. I put the addition in a different order like this :* Str1 = " Hello Everyone“ + Str2* - This succeeds for some reason
    3. I tried this Str1 = "Hello" + " Everyone" - This works
    4. I tried Str1 = Str2 + "Hello Everyone" - This fails
    5. I tried using a System.Text.StringBuilder class to append the 2 pieces of text seperately - Astonishingly this fails aswell

    I have added up all the facts and figured that possibly the reason behind all this is that it is a memory failure - (very obscure one) but the wierd thing is that I've even tried it on another computer so what's happening.

    Here is my full subroutine: - PS just ignore all the "Socks" functions and stuff below because I built some of these classes

    *System::Void buttonTalkClick(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e) { System::Text::StringBuilder^ Builder = gcnew System::Text::StringBuilder(); if((ClientTable->SelectedIndices->Count > 0) && (ConnectionData->ClientAvailable)) { int SelectedIndex = this->ClientTable->SelectedIndices[0]; Builder->Append(this->ClientTable->Items[SelectedIndex]->Text); Builder->Append(" "); } Builder->Append(this->textbox_TalkBox->Text); MsgCore::rNewTextMsg::Text += Builder->ToString();

      array<unsigned char> ^ Msg = MsgCore::rNewTextMsg::GetBuffer();


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