VS 2005 Reference Manager Dialog Box doesn't come up.

Windows 2000 , Visual Studio 2005 , Common PropertiesReferences Colorado Springs, United States
  • 11 years ago

    Hi, I'm looking for any forum on Visual Studio 2005 that can answer this. I have Visual Studio 2005 installed on two different Windows 2000 machines. When I need to define a reference I click on the solution name in the 'Solution Explorer' and select 'References' and the 'Properties' dialog appears so I can add and remove references (such as interoperability files) by selectng the 'Common Properties/References'. I had a need to install VS 2005 on a third machine (because it is another building) and when I try to select the reference manager the 'Properties' dialog appears but with the 'Configuration Properties/General' information displayed. The 'Configuration/General' properties is displayed even when I select 'Common Properties/References'. How do I set my references if there is no dialog to di it? Why is this odd behavior happening?

    Thanks, David

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