iSkysoft launched its new version of Video Converter for Mac– v.

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  • 11 years ago
    iSkysoft has released its new version of Video Converter for Mac -- v. -- recently. Compared to its old version and other congener products, there are several improvements which deserves us to try a little bit.

    For the “Deinterlace” function (the process of converting interlaced video, such as common analog television signals or 1080i format HDTV signals, into a non-interlaced form), not just a simple Deinterlace check box provided as general, but four specific options are added, including “Repeat odd field”, “Repeat even field”, “Odd interpolate”, and “Even interpolate”. For the fanciers of Music or persons fastidious about audio effect, the new added 5.1 Channels Surround Sound support function can not be more fabulous. It supports for 5.1 Channels Surround Sound output in PS3 output formats and fixes the 5.1 Channels Surround Sound Output problem in MP4 format. In this new version, you can get the estimated output file size so that you can compare the output file sizes between different output formats and choose the most proper one. As to time problem, the conversion speed is improved as well. Considering the supported formats, three HD output formats are added, they are TS, MPG, and TRP. Then the last tiny one is that you can pause the video being previewed by pressing the spacebar in this new version. [url=]Resource[/url]

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