How to transfer files from iPod to iPod/iPod to PC/PC to iPod(Windows/Mac)

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    Nowadays, more and more people have their own iPod to enjoy music/videos, but have no idea to share them to other iPods, transfer your ipod files to PC, or files from computer to iPod. Now, no matter you are a Windows user or Mac user, here are two useful tools—[b]4Easysoft [url=]iPod Manager[/url][/b] and [b]4Easysoft [url=]iPod Manager for Mac[/url][/b] for you to solve these problems easily. The following guides will respectively introduce their functions in details!

    [b]Part 1: How to transfer video to ipod/ipod to PC/iPod to iPod on Windows[/b] [b]Preparation: Install and run [url=]4Easysoft iPod Manager[/url][/b]


    [b]Step 1: Connect your iPod to your computer via USB cable[/b] [b]Step 2: According your needs to select the the functions[/b] [b]a.[/b] If you want to import video/audio files to your iPod, click [img][/img], and then follow the instruction on it. [b]b.[/b] If you want to transfer iPod files to PC, click [img][/img], and then follow the instruction on it. [b]Tip:[/b] Click [img][/img] to use "Track Filter" function to help you quickly browse your library by genre, artist and album.


    [b]c.[/b] If you want to transfer iPod to iPod, click [img][/img], and then follow the instruction on it. [b]Step 3: [/b]After you have finished the above two steps,just follow the instructions on it to complete your demands. So we can say, with it you can fully enjoy your iPod without other support!

    [b]Part 2: How to transfer video to ipod/ipod to PC/iPod to iPod on Mac[/b] Free download [b][url=]4Easysoft iPod Manager for Mac[/url][/b], and with the intuitive interface, you can easily to manage it at the first glance. 4Easysoft iPod Manager for Mac is the special-designed Mac iPod Manager to manage iPod files. And as the comprehensive iPod management tool, it supports all iPod/iPhone devices, especially for [b]iPhone OS 3.0, iPod Firmware 3.0.[/b]


    [b]Key Features:[/b] [b]1. Full-featured Mac iPod Manager to manage iPod files[/b] It can import video/audio files to iPod directly without iTunes and transfer iPod video/audio to Mac without any loss. [b]2. Detect iPod/iPhone info directly[/b] Once you connect it, the specific info about the devices can be shown: iPod type, iPod capacity, iPod version, serial number, format, and the available space, used space. [b]3. Quick search[/b] For you to detect iPod files exactly and easily, the “Track Filter” function can categorize the files as Genre, Artist, Album. [b]4. Manage playlist[/b] You can add or delete playlist or its contents.

    [b]More related tools:[/b] [b]4Easysoft [url=]DVD to iPod Suite[/url][/b] comprises of [url=][b]DVD to iPod Converter[/b][/url] and [url=][b]iPod Video Converter[/b][/url], so with the single tool, you can get iPod MP4, H.264, MOV video and MP3, AAC audio from both DVD and video files. [url=]MP4 Converter[/url][/b]also provides a powerful way to convert video and audio files to MP3, M4A, AAC,AC3, OGG, WAV, etc. Total [url=]Video Converter[/url]

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