How to receive gprs/gps data at server side

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  • 11 years ago

    Hi, I have a device that records gps locations and sends them to an ip/port pair via gprs. I wrote a simple tcp server at my server, but I couldn't receive any data from that device. I posted the tcp server code below. Any suggestions are appreciated. //

    import; import;

    class TCPServer { public static void main(String argv[]) throws Exception { String fromclient; String toclient;

         ServerSocket Server = new ServerSocket (5000);
         System.out.println ("TCPServer Waiting for client on port 5000");
            Socket connected = Server.accept();
            System.out.println( " THE CLIENT"+" "+
            connected.getInetAddress() +":"+connected.getPort()+" IS CONNECTED ");
            BufferedReader inFromClient =
               new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader (connected.getInputStream()));
            while ( true )
                fromclient = inFromClient.readLine();
                if ( fromclient.equals("q") || fromclient.equals("Q") )
    	         System.out.println( "RECIEVED:" + fromclient );


  • 10 years ago


    I have the same problem. my code is based on java socket server receives data from hyperteminal but does not receive the gps data sent over gprs!

    I know the pc receives them because I installed a sniffer and see the receipt of information.

    I did several searches and can not find this solution

    I am very grateful if someone could help

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