The San Antonio Independent Web Professionals Group

Meet fellow web professionals near you! Come to a Web Design Meetup to compare tools, languages, and templates; trade advice on careers, rates, and freelancing, SEO; and share cool websites. Make valuable contacts as you mingle with new friends!(Think Pubcon for you Webmasterworld folks)

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Past events

  • Drinkup

    Thu, 19 Apr 2012, 00:00 - 02:00 in San Antonio, United States

    The feedback we received from our first meetup was outstanding. Your all rock! One common concern was that you want to get out & geek out with like-minded people. So on that note, lets stand up, stretch those arched backs, and keep our social momentum going; find out what each other are working on, share tips, talk shop, ask/answer questions, etc.We know its a school night, so don't worry if you're not up for drinking. Lion & Rose have an excellent dessert menu if you're just having coffee.

  • Why should I care about Information Architetcture?

    Fri, 25 Feb 2011, 01:00 - 03:00 in San Antonio, United States

    Let's talk about the "design before the design" and some of the tools and strategies to use.

  • May MeetUp - The Design Before the Design

    Sat, 1 May 2010, 15:00 - 17:00 in San Antonio, United States

    Almost always, especially lower budget projects, we jump from requirements to graphic design. But we leave out page layout and navigation flow. It's not just about colors and buttons.I'll talk about using wireframes and information architecture diagramming to get a real handle on what a project needs before spending time and money on the graphic design and coding. I've got lots of techniques and and tools to share.Tacos and juice will be served.

  • All Wordpress All The Time

    15-16 Oct 2009 in San Antonio, United States

    Our last MeetUp was advertised as having some Wordpress info but we never got to it. So this one is ALL about Wordpress! So bring your experience, ideas or questions. Pizza will be served! Cheers! Todd

  • AIR-SA Kickoff Mixer

    1-2 Oct 2009 in San Antonio, United States

    Not one of our Meet-Ups but the beer is free! From their Eventbrite invite. (Disclaimer: I am on their advisory board.) "AIR-SA Kickoff Mixer FREE BEER AND APPETIZERS! Attention Web developers, designers, marketing and PR folks, and nonprofit directors and their supporters! Do you have what it takes to WIN a web building contest? Join us for drinks, food and fun while learning about Web Accessibility.

  • What is Net Squared? & Wordpress Basics

    19-20 Aug 2009 in San Antonio, United States

    Donald Wilcox, the San Antonio organizer for Net Squared, will talk about the program he is trying to get started in San Antonio. From the net Squared website: To help hundreds of thousands of non-profit organizations (NPOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) successfully utilize the community empowering capabilities of the Internet to increase their impact and achieve social change.We'll also talk about the basics of setting up a Wordpress content managed site.

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