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Meet like-minded entrepreneurs and investors interested in web applications, web 2.0 trends, monetization of facebook/myspace applications, bootstrapping and more. More information at http://www.liveumbrella.com !-The LiveUmbrella Ladies

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Past events

  • OVERconnected: The Promise and Threat of the Internet with Bill Davidow

    Wed, 13 Apr 2011, 01:30 - 03:30 in East Palo Alto, United States

    Tonight, we'll have a special chance to hear from veteran Silicon Valley executive and venture capitalist Bill Davidow as he discusses his latest book, OVERCONNECTED: The Promise and Threat of the Internet .About the Event:In Overconnected, Bill Davidow, a former Silicon Valley executive, successful entrepreneur, scholar, historian, and bestselling author (The Virtual Corporation), explains how the almost miraculous success of the Internet has also engendered a unique set of hazards and

  • Passive Income Through Auto-Blogging

    Fri, 28 May 2010, 02:00 - 04:00 in San Jose, United States

    Speaker = Srini SaripalliSrini's back!Having a blog can be a great way to build your brand, connect with prospects and customers, attract search engine traffic, and make money. Why then do 98% of new blogs fail within 90 days? The answer is that while it is free and easy to set up a new blog, it is difficult to manage and grow one.

  • SPECIAL EVENT: "Best Practices in Social Media Marketing on the Real-Time Web"

    Thu, 20 May 2010, 01:30 - 03:30 in Mountain View, United States

    SPECIAL EVENT: "Best Practices in Social Media Marketing on the Real-Time Web"with Dan Olsen CEO and Founder, YourVersion, Inc.As an online marketer, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the different ways you can connect with prospects and customers? What should you be focusing on? And how do you keep up?

  • The Secrets of Social Media Integration

    Thu, 13 May 2010, 02:00 - 04:00 in Menlo Park, United States

    Speaker = Jeff LevineSocial Media is not a fad but a revolution in how we work, play and conduct business. In this workshop we will develop strategies on how best to integrate the various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Blogs in order to optimize your marketing efforts.In this workshop we will be discussing:- Integrating Social Media to grow your business

  • Tweetify Your Business — How to Tweet for Business Success

    Fri, 30 Apr 2010, 01:30 - 03:30 in San Jose, United States

    Speaker = Karen KefauverTwitter is a very simple but powerful plattform for your business. The only problem has been it is so simple people can't figure out how to use it! That is until now.In this 90 minute workshop we will be discussing- Should I be on Twitter?- Does anyone care what I Tweet?- Is it a good use of my time?Well here is the short answer: Yes, yes, and yes!

  • NEW RULES of LOCAL SEARCH: How To Get FOUND By Your Prospects

    Tue, 13 Apr 2010, 01:30 - 03:30 in Menlo Park, United States

    If you have a local business in the Bay Area, how do your prospects find you? The Yellow Pages? Forget it! A recent study found that 75% of all searches for local products and services now take place online. In this new world, it is not enough to throw up a website and hope that someone finds it. You MUST understand how local search works. The key components are: 1) Knowing where people are looking for what you have to offer (Hint: it isn't just Google!

  • Blogify Your Business

    Thu, 18 Mar 2010, 02:00 - 04:00 in Menlo Park, United States

    Blogify Your BusinessSpeaker = Sharyn AbbottToday's marketing efforts must include blogging, if you are not blogging you are being left in the dust! A lot of people think that blogging is hard to do. Actually there are some techniques that make blogging fairly simple and if you follow what Sharyn will be discussing your blog will be one of your most effective marketing tools. We will be discussing exactly how to go about setting up a blog.

  • Building Buzz for Your Business Using Online Press Releases

    Tue, 9 Mar 2010, 02:30 - 04:30 in San Jose, United States

    If you could get listed on Google within a few hours while building great quality links and spreading your message all over the place, would you do it? If you could have visibility into who was looking at your content and where they came from, would that be valuable information?This is actually very easy to do with online news releases. And it happens to be one of the most powerful, effective, yet inexpensive techniques for promoting your online presence.

  • What You MUST Know About SEO

    Thu, 11 Feb 2010, 02:30 - 04:30 in San Jose, United States

    SEO is the art of designing and promoting websites in such a way as to rank high in search engine results. Search engines are a major source of free traffic. The higher your site ranks, the more free traffic you get. Therefore it is absolutely critical that you grasp how search engines work and how you can improve your rankings. Equally critical is to understand how to avoid doing something inadvertently that will get you banned from the search engines.

  • Webify Your Business: Internet Marketing Secrets for the Self-Employed

    Fri, 15 Jan 2010, 03:00 - 05:00 in San Jose, United States

    [center]Speaker = Patrick Schwerdtfeger Author of Webify Your Business[/center] [center]Come to Our Launch Event![/center] Patrick will be offering a comprehensive and detailed marketing road map for entrepreneurs, small business owners, commission sales people and service professionals who wish to grow their business on line. The steps we will be discussing will lay the foundation for an impressive and sophisticated internet presence. We will be discussing how to best utilize: [list

  • Don't Fly Blindly- Startup Acceleration and Metrics

    Sat, 10 Oct 2009, 01:00 - 03:00 in Menlo Park, United States

    Don't forget to REGISTER HERE: Join us for our next Entrepreneurs Lounge with Hiten Shah and Sean Power. If you have a startup, you know that you can't fly blindly. Most of you know how important metrics are, but the big problem is - Where do you start? What do you look at? How much do you look at and when is "enough" enough. Participate in this active discussion as they share their ideas and experiences on startup acceleration, analytics and metrics.

  • LiveUmbrella and Viralogy Entrepreneur's Lounge

    Sat, 8 Aug 2009, 01:00 - 03:00 in Palo Alto, United States

    Don't forget to REGISTER HERE: http://xrl.us/be38g9For the first time, LiveUmbrella and Viralogy come together to cohost August's Entrepreneurs Lounge! Entrepreneurship, and blogging as an effective tool to build up your personal brand.TOPIC: Entrepreneurship and Blogging DATE: FRIDAY, August 7 at Melt in Palo Alto! Registration begins at 6pm. ($15/online before July 25.

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