The Future Business & Technology Leaders of DC/MD/VA

This group is for those who are sick and tired of working for "the man." You have the drive and you have the talent, but you seem to not be getting anywhere ALONE.

If that sounds like you, welcome. You have just found your new home. As with many of the great organizations around the world, none of them were started alone. All of the greats, such as Apple, Microsoft, Virgin, Google, and many others all started out with a group of like minded individuals with similar goals in bring new ideas and innovation into the market!

Most of us that will join here were not born with a silver spoon in our mouth, but what we lack financially we make up for in something that can't be bought; Our MINDS, Our SKILL, and Our TALENT.

This group is about congregating the talent of this area to create the NEW Silicon Valley of the EAST. Its time for US to show and represent the talent that we have in this corridor of the United States. But to do so, only the best of the best must come together for this to happen.

The opportunity and vision I have at hand is in the current healthcare industry. Its an opportunity that is just waiting and sitting to be tapped into. For those that don't work in the healthcare sector, a the current time there is a $20 Billion stimulus push for health care providers and facilities to go electronic. (

Through this push, there is much data being gathered within these electronic systems; from health data and business intelligence to practice facility statistics, there is an abundance of information that has not been feasible to access until now.

I personally know how as I work in this field as an EHR (Electronic Health Records) Implementation Specialist, but I need the support of others who would like to venture into a new field.

If you would like to expound and learn about a new opportunity see if you fall into any of the following below.

What this group needs: -Business Intelligence Experts (Preferably with experience in Chronos/Sharepoint/Crystal Reporting) -Project Management Specialists -iPhone Developers -Web Developers -CSS/HTML Specialists (Particularly splicing & coding) -.Net Specialists -AJAX Specialists -JAVA Specialists -Javascript -Networking Specialists -DBA Administrators -Business Lawyer

So what do I bring to the table you ask? -A Place to Work -A Network of Financiers -An Accountant -A Social Networker -A Website ( -A Business Plan

If this sounds interesting, join me. ;) I look forward to meeting with you and taking this idea to another level.

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