This tutorial will show you how to create a very simple program that will actually speak! You will need to download the text-to-speech control from the Microsoft Speech website. With this package you can also use speech recognition.

Step 1 - Adding the Controls

Firstly add a new Standard EXE project. Then change the projects name to TextToSpeech. Change the forms name to frmSpeak. Add the Direct Text-to-Speech control to the form by right clicking on the toolbox and then selecting components. Click on the Microsoft Direct Text-to-Speech item and then click OK.

   Draw the Text-to-speech control on the form and set its name property to spkSpeak and its visible property to false. Next add 10 buttons. Set their names to btnNumbers and their captions to one greater than their index. Then add a text box and change its name to txtText, its text property to nothing and its multiline property to true. Add a button below the text box. Set its name to btnSpeak and its caption to Speak.

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