Rich Text Box Controls


There are many things the can be done with a rich text control. You can create a word processor that has multiple features including put bullets, automatic save & load, and being able to superscript & subscript. All of these and more will be shown in here.

Because most visual basic programmers already know the main functions of the regular textbox, I'll skip that part of the rich textbox control.  The main function I use the rich textbox is to save and load files.  The rich textbox makes very simple to create save and load files. There are three parts to a rich textbox, the textbox, the file path, and the file type.  You don’t need to specify the file type if the file path already contains it.

Save a file:

Object.Save (FilePath, FileType)

Load a file:

Object.Load (FilePath, FileType)

   As you can see loading and saving are very similar and very simple.  This saves everything including text, color, and bullets.  Next is the different ways of editing the format.

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