Package & Deployment Wizard

Getting Started

You can start the Package & Deployment wizard using two methods...

Method 1

To load the Package & Deployment wizard, go to the same location on the start menu where the VB icon is, click the Tools item, and then select Package & Deployment Wizard.

Next, you need to select the VB project that you want to use by clicking Browse.

Method 2

An alternative method is to open the VB project you want to create a setup program for, and select Package & Deployment wizard from the Add-In menu in VB. If the option is not visible, choose Add-In Manager and double click Package and Deployment Wizard.

Whichever method you choose to use, you now need to click the Package button.

The Wizard might ask you to locate the EXE file of your project (if it doesn't exist you can compile it). It might also warn you that the project files a newer than the EXE (ie that you have changed the source code since you compiled the program). You can either choose to re-compile the program or use the out-of-date version.

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