Implementing The Google Web Service In VB.NET


A web service is one of the greatest technologies developed in Internet world, which can be used to connect businesses and clients in a standardized method using XML (Extensible Markup Language), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), WSDL (Web Services Description Language) and UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration).

XML is used for structuring the data, SOAP is used to transfer the data, WSDL is used for describing the services and UDDI is used to get a list of services available. Web services allows application to communicate with each other without worrying about their hardware systems, operating systems and programming languages.

Unlike older models, web services do not provide a user interface, but instead they exposes business logic, which can be programmed, and hence the user is free to add his own interface to the application.

In this article we’re going to learn how to implement the Google web service using Microsoft Visual Basic.Net. You will need the .NET framework installed, as well as Visual Studio.Net if you want to experiment with the source code presented in this article.

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