Implementing The Google Web Service In VB.NET


Hopefully this article has shown you how simple it is to incorporate the Google web service iton your application. Here are a few things that you could do with this service:

  • Issuing regularly scheduled search requests to monitor the web for new information on a subject.
  • Performing market research by analyzing differences in the amount of information available on different subjects over time.
  • Searching via non-HTML interfaces, such as the command line, pagers, or visualization applications.
  • Creating innovative games that play with information on the web.
  • Add Google spell-checking to an application.

The Google web service supports the same search syntax as the web site, and provides each developer who registers to use the Google web service with a limit of 1,000 queries per day (this is easily enough for small/medium sized applications to make use of).

Checkout if you have further any questions about the Google web service.

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