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Security in .NET, and really in any application, is and should be of the highest importance. It is critical that at all times your application be unbreakable and tamperproof, as much as possible, from anything. Anywhere from someone fiddling with your query string to server / data access authorization to preventing SQL Injection attacks.

As the topic of security is really too vast and complex to be dealt with here in any great detail, we'll offer some generalized pointers and tips to set you off in the right direction with a good overview of the various security methods available. Oh, btw, work closely with your Network Admin, make sure you're both on the same page.

Security in .NET works with two types of concepts:

  1. Authentication : Confirms users identity and credentials in allowing them access, through either valid Windows Accounts or IIS, that include methods such as certificate (SSL), Windows (NLTM or Kerberos), Forms, and Passport authentication.
  2. Authorization : Allows or denies file or url access to a given user based on certain criteria, or on ACL (Access Control List) settings in Windows. Authorization parallels .NET's users and roles settings within its web.config file's <authorization> element node. Note all authorization is always done after authentication.

With which introduces us to the following kinds of security implementations.:

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