ASP.NET for Web Designers (Voices That Matter)

ASP.NET for Web Designers (Voices That Matter)
Peter Ladka
02 Sep 2002
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Teaching ASP.NET in a non-linear format that creative thinkers can easily grasp and understand without the typical programming jargon. Provides clear and concise, hands-on, real-world examples right from the beginning of the book. The book contains a natural progression by providing foundational information in the opening chapters.

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Customer Reviews

Rich Avi said
The writer of this book has a very laid back style and uses simple words to explain concepts. He uses a lot of examples and goes through them in detail. The book also has a very pleasant appearance and makes you want to read it. This is actually my first book that i've read and i liked it.

reviewer at HuNTUG said
ASP.NET for Web Designers by Peter Ladka
Published by Peachpit Press
Reviewed by Larry Hess HuNTUG member

Just as his cover states "Are you sick and tired of all those 1,200-page technical manuals that seen to be written in a language only Martians could understand?" Mr. Ladka has created a manual that is designed for the beginner that's not boring for the more experienced web developers. He shows both VB.Net and C# samples of all code snipping.
The book is divided into 4 main sections:
Part 1 ASP.Net Overview
1. ASP.Net Basics
2. Understanding Object-Oriented Programming
3. Scripting Basics
4. ASP.NET Pages
5. Understanding User Controls
Part 2 Designing with ASP.Net
6. HTML Server Controls
7. Web Server Controls
8. Web Form Validators
9. Displaying Data with Server Controls
Part 3 Advanced Features in ASP.Net
11. State Management in ASP.NET
12. Form-Based Security in ASP.NET
13. XML in ASP.Net
Part 4 Appendixes
A. Installing the .NET Framework
B. Compiling Custom Objects
For the beginner the flow of the book takes the reader through the steps of designing their first web site with the standard "HELLO WORLD" approach, with each chapter building on the previous chapter information.
For the more experienced web developer the reader can jump in any chapter and get the information needed in that area. This is one of the best laid out and structured books' I've read.
The web link to the code snipping was the hardest thing about the whole book.

ChrisMo said
A unique book that serves as a strong starting point for non-programmers who want an overview of basics and who do not all-ready know how to program. Why is "ASP.NET for Web Designers" a unique book? Many intro books assume prior programming experience; many read as though MS gave the author an outline and content templates for the writer to <<add intro paragraph here>>. Ladka however thinks for himself: the result- a useful & unique book. Yes, he covers the server controls as all intro books should, but in addition to covering the bare minimum he does a nice job explaining and demonstrating how to implement OO concepts in your development.

Downside: He tries too hard to make the book's examples "user friendly." Ladka likes food allot and all the examples revolve around this topic to the point annoying the reader.

Over all a great book for someone wanting an introduction to Asp.Net and an intro on how to program with it.

Anonymous said
The book is okay in that it gives you a quick and dirty overview of ASP.NET. The code examples are okay but where the book falls short in that the author babbles a lot rather than actually discussing the subject.

J. Pruitt said
This book is good for anyone wanting to get their feet wet with It's nice they presented both and C# code however, this book is riddled with syntax errors like the holes in swiss cheese.
Peter Ladka did a good job with the overall material of this book, but his "Technical Reviewers" must have not been paid for their efforts, otherwise they would have probably paid more attention to detail.

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