Beginning E-Commerce with Visual Basic, ASP, SQL Server 7.0 and MTS

Beginning E-Commerce with Visual Basic, ASP, SQL Server 7.0 and MTS
Matthew Reynolds
01 Mar 2000
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This book is for VB programmers, with a grasp of ASP and SQL, who want to leverage their skills into producing high quality, low cost e-commerce solutions for small businesses. This book will take you from application development to ISP-hosted solution development. All in all in a definitive guide to e-commerce with popular Microsoft technologies.

Editorial Reviews

Beginning E-Commerce offers an excellent demonstration of full-featured e-commerce Web-site construction with the Microsoft suite of development tools. If VB is your language of choice and ASP is your Web scripting selection, this tutorial is a must.

This book has very little general coverage of e-commerce. The entire text is devoted to the step-by-step construction of "Jo's Coffee," a fictitious Web storefront that winds up at the end of the book with a sophisticated order-processing pipeline, online discussion groups, XML integration with outside systems, and much more. In the introduction, the book sets a lofty goal: "... to take you gently from knowing nothing about e-commerce, to a point where you'll be able to put up a Web site that will make money for your business." This text meets this goal for readers who are familiar with the development tools mentioned in the title.

The book does a great job of providing complete commentary for each stage of the development process. It walks the reader through defining an application object model, implementing it with VB COM components, interfacing with a SQL Server database, and adding a number of sophisticated features. One of the most interesting techniques illustrated in this title is a VB COM component-based order-processing pipeline similar to the type found in Microsoft's top-of-the-line Site Server product. Using the example in this book, developers could easily construct custom pipelines for every commerce site they build.

If your core competencies lie in Microsoft-based technologies, this book is a wise investment in the future. It offers eye-opening possibilities for creating your own industrial-strength e-commerce sites. --Stephen W. Plain

Topics covered: COM and e-commerce object models, product catalog, shopping basket, checkout, order processing, promotions, certificates, pipeline construction, transaction management, deployment, e-mail integration, discussion groups, XML integration, and marketing tips.

Discusses all the practical steps needed to build an e-commerce site. Reveals how you can build a fully functional e-commerce site, which will support selling over the Internet, by following the development of an example Web site for a small business. Softcover.

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