Advanced Visual Basic 5 Techniques

Advanced Visual Basic 5 Techniques
Rod Stephens
09 May 1997
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Essential skills for the Visual Basic programmer to create high-powered business applications. This book shows professional Visual Basic programmers how to master high-level techniques for developi...

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Customer Reviews

Great Movie Addict said
Nothing "advanced" here. Samples sometimes approach the intermediate stage, but stop short. The samples (most of which refuse to run) are, however, perfect examples of how NOT to design user input screens and how NOT to write VB code. In one so-called "real-world" example, the author assumes that salespeople and office clerks communicate with corporate databases by composing and submitting their own SQL statements. This example is so poorly designed that anyone (especially a non-techy) could blow up this program by just looking at it. The Query sample is easily outdone by VB's own Visdata utility. In another example, a VB Timer is used to create a redundant ActiveX control, when the Timer itself would have sufficed. In yet another, multiple copies of the same drop-down boxes are used (in a real-world database, this would soon blow out all available stack areas). In another, the author uses the Change Event to track user input instead of the more relevant Key Press and other events. In another, he displays a nearly full-screen HTML pseudo-help screen to deliver one, eight-word sentence -- ignoring the fact that this would be the perfect place to teach beginners how to use Popup menus! In fact, Help screens are much easier to design that this, but the author ignores the tools that VB itself provides for the work. In another sample, he uses "advanced" scrolling techniques to move 50 individual VB controls one at a time, instead of moving their container once, then blithely mentions later that moving the container is really how to do it, then proceeds to repeat the mistake in later examples. VB's own (free) Help and user manuals are far more sophisticated and accurate. Because there are so many useless examples and contrived (and often incorrect and sadly ineffcient or inadequate) programming solutions, I would not recommend this book to beginners, much less to "advanced" programmers. Readers who grant 5 stars to this tome have either never bothered to look into VB's own guides, or have never programmed before, or both. Some rather basic Windows API calls are used inappropriately, data labels are used when Grids would be suitable (and more advanced), and the author incorrectly assumes that database users know exactly what they're looking for and how to find it. Many VB beginners know better than to design interfaces or write code like this; advanced users would be too embarrassed to use most of these designs; and urging beginners to use VB as presented here would set them off on the wrong track.

Anonymous said
Fair in Database explanation. Most of it useless. Does not explain his objects, most fail when loaded. If I had not removed the cd I would return it, must be friends that gave five stars!!

Anonymous said
When I first bought the book I didn't know what to expect but upon reading the first two chapters, I was totally delighted. I found some real world examples that I have been able to use right away. It also showed some tips. It is a good book to have for reference. Some VB programming experience is necessary to fully benefit from this book.

[email protected] said
I bought this book with high expectations. The author certainly covers some very interesting topics. There is a wealth of code provided that demonstrates how to implement various advanced features. However, the associated text is almost worthless. The vast majority of the written commentary is just that, it is essentially a big comment block for the included code examples. Instead of explaining why the code works as it does and how to implement such features, it is a basic narrative of what the code is doing. I got more out of reading the code and looking things up in a manual than I did actually reading the book. This was not what I was looking for when I bought this book.

Anonymous said
This books presents what programmers need to know. it presents the theory behind the prgramming. Almost all of the books available today stress "tips and tricks" or methods. This leaves programmers high and dry having to buy more books for further ventures. But just like in the old days of prgramming, theory with code is stressed which allows the programmer to adapt code from other areas with these concepts.

Excellent work.

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