Creating a DVD Player

Creating a DVD Player

You'll need the MSWEBDVD.DLL file to use this. You can download it here.

Creating a DVD player with this control is quite easy. Of course, you need a DVD-ROM on your computer as well.

Add 6 Command Buttons named: cmdPrevChapter, cmdPlay, cmdStop, cmdPause, cmdNextChapter, and cmdReplay. Then, go to your ProjectComponents field and find the MSWEBDVD Type 1.0 Library. Select it and click OK. Then, select the new component called MSWebDVD. Create the size you want your DVD player. It may pause your computer or slow it down for a moment no matter what speed you have, as I have an 800 MHz P3. Finally, add this code:

Private Sub cmdPrevChapter_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub cmdPlay_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub cmdStop_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub cmdPause_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub cmdNextChapter_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub cmdReplay_Click()
End Sub

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