Merge Two Files

A small example of how to merge 2 files together.


x=Join("C:\Test1.txt", "C:\Test2.txt")
Msgbox "Joined Successfully. NewSize of test2.txt is"+str$(x)

Function Join(strFile1 As String, strFile2 As String) As Long
    Dim b() As Byte
    Dim nFileNum As Integer
    Dim lFileLen As Long

    nFileNum = FreeFile
    Open strFile1 For Binary Access Read As nFileNum
        b() = InputB(LOF(nFileNum), nFileNum)
    Close nFileNum

    nFileNum = FreeFile
    lFileLen = FileLen(strFile2)
    Open strFile2 For Binary Access Write As nFileNum
        Put nFileNum, (lFileLen+1), b()
    Close nFileNum
    Join = lFileLen
End Function

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