Colour Picker

p>This sample code creates a very simple colour picker window, and converts the selected colour to its HEX code for use in a HTML web page

First, add 2 picture boxes, called pctColors and pctPic, and a TextBox called txtRGB. Set pctColors' picture property to the one included in the related ZIP file. Next, add the following code to the form

Private MFColor As RGBColor
' My Type
Private Type RGBColor
R As String
G As String
B As String
End Type

Function GetRGB(RGBval As Double, Num As Integer) As Integer
 If Num > 0 And Num < 4 And RGBval > -1 And RGBval < 16777216 Then
   GetRGB = RGBval \ 256 ^ (Num - 1) And 255
   GetRGB = True
 End If
End Function

Private Sub Form_Activate()
   'Call MsgBox("This a <b>VERY</b> simple program who gets colors in hex format.", vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "XtremeCode: VERY simple VB aplication")
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
   SavePicture pctColors.Picture, "c:\temp\colourpicker.bmp"
   'pctColors.Picture = LoadResPicture(102, 0)
End Sub

Private Sub pctColors_Click()
   tbRGB.Text = "#" & PharseChar(CStr(Hex(MFColor.R))) & PharseChar(CStr(Hex(MFColor.G))) & PharseChar(CStr(Hex(MFColor.B)))
   tbRGB.BackColor = RGB(MFColor.R, MFColor.G, MFColor.B)
   tbRGB.ForeColor = RGB(255 - MFColor.R, 255 - MFColor.G, 255 - MFColor.B)
End Sub

Private Sub pctColors_DblClick()
   tbRGB.Text = "#" & PharseChar(CStr(Hex(MFColor.R))) & PharseChar(CStr(Hex(MFColor.G))) & PharseChar(CStr(Hex(MFColor.B)))
End Sub

Private Sub pctColors_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As Single, y As Single)
   Dim XYColor As Double
   XYColor = pctColors.Point(x, y)
   If XYColor = -1 Then Exit Sub
   MFColor.R = GetRGB(CDbl(XYColor), 1)
   MFColor.G = GetRGB(CDbl(XYColor), 2)
   MFColor.B = GetRGB(CDbl(XYColor), 3)
   pctPic.BackColor = RGB(MFColor.R, MFColor.G, MFColor.B)
       tbLogo.ForeColor = RGB(255 - MFColor.R, 255 - MFColor.G, 255 - MFColor.B)
End Sub

Private Sub tbRGB_GotFocus()
   tbRGB.SelStart = 0
   tbRGB.SelLength = Len(tbRGB.Text)
End Sub

Private Function PharseChar(ByVal strRGB As String) As String
' If R/G/B value is one number adds an 0
   PharseChar = strRGB
   If Len(strRGB) = 1 Then PharseChar = "0" & CStr(strRGB)
End Function

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