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WinZip Code Sample

'FolderN = path to folder including sub directories you wish to zip
'MPW = optional password specified for securing the file contents.
'this password setting has the benefit that every file included will be secured.
'PW = True if you use a password. Dont forget to add a password


'will only zip complete folders and sub directories and all encompassed files.

Function ZipMe(ByVal FolderN As String,Optional MPW As String = "" Optional PW As Boolean = True)
Dim Tmpzip As String, FN As Integer

If Right(FolderN, 1) = "\" Then
FolderN = Left(FolderN, Len(FolderN) - 1)

If FolderN = "C:\" Or FolderN = "C:\Windows" Or _
InStr(1, FolderN, "C:\Windows") <> 0 Then
MsgBox "WARNING! You can not compress and protect system related folders." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
"Please read the help files for more detailed information before proceeding with the use of the application." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
"This error is caused by an attempt to compress the folder [" & FolderN & "]", vbCritical, "SYSTEM WARNING!"
Exit Function
End If

End If
Tmpzip = FolderN & ".zip"

PWProt = ""

If PW = True Then
PWProt = "-s" & MPW & " "
End If

Call Shell("C:\Program Files\WinZip\winzip32 -min -a -ex -r " & PWProt & _
Tmpzip & " " & FolderN, vbHide)
End Function


'This text is an excerpt formatted for inclusion in a Visual Basic project Module
'   Source:

'WinZip is a registered trademark of WinZip Computing, Inc.


'There is also a Command Line Addon available for download from


'A Note from WinZip Computing Inc.
'Webmasters, please note this distribution restriction:
'Unless you have prior written authorization from WinZip Computing, Inc.,
'you are not authorized to distribute copies of this add-on.
'Please refer anyone interested in the add-on to the WinZip web site
'to be sure they get the most recent version.


'Adding Files
'The command format is:

'winzip32 [-min] action [options] filename[.zip] files



'   -min specifies that WinZip should run minimized.
'   If -min is specified, it must be the first command line parameter.

'   -a for add
'   -f for freshen
'   -u for update
'   -m for move.

'   You must specify one (and only one) of these actions.
'   The actions correspond to the actions described in
'   the section titled "Add dialog box Options " in the online manual.


'   -r corresponds to the Include subfolders checkbox
'   in the Add dialog and causes WinZip to add files
'   from subfolders. Folder information is stored for files added from subfolders.
'   If you add -p, WinZip will store folder information for all files added,
'   not just for files from subfolders; the folder information will
'   begin with the folder specified on the command line.
'compression method:

'   -ex = Extra
'   -en = Normal    (DEFAULT)
'   -ef = Fast
'   -es = Super Fast
'   -e0 = No Compression

'-hs includes hidden and system files.

'   Use -sPassword to specify a case-sensitive password.
'   The password can be enclosed in quotes, for example, -s"Secret password "

' Specifies the name of the Zip file involved.
'   Be sure to use the full filename (including the folder).

'   Is a list of one or more files, or the @ character followed by
'   the filename containing a list of files to add, one filename per line.
'   Wildcards (e.g. *.bak) are allowed.

'Extracting Files

'The command format is:

'   winzip32 -e [options] filename[.zip] folder


'-e is required.


'   -o = "Overwrite existing files without prompting"
'   -j = "Junk pathnames", respectively.

'   Unless -j is specified, folder information is used.
'   Use -sPassword to specify a case-sensitive password.
'   The password can be enclosed in quotes, for example, -s"Secret Password".


'   Specifies the name of the Zip file involved.
'   Be sure to specify the full filename (including the folder).


'   Is the name of the folder to which the files are extracted.
'   If the folder does not exist it is created.

'=VERY IMPORTANT:=================================================================
'   always specify complete filenames,
'   including the full folder name and drive letter, for all file IDs.
'   To run WinZip in a minimized inactive icon use the "-min" option.
'   When specified this option must be the first option.
'   Only operations involving the built-in zip and unzip are supported.
'   Enclose long filenames in quotes.
'   When using a list ("@") file, no leading or trailing spaces should appear in file IDs in the list.
'   The action and each option must be separated by at least one space.
'   WinZip can be used to compress files with cc:Mail .
'   Change the compress= line in the [cc:Mail] section of
'   the appropriate WMAIL.INI files to specify
'   the full path for WinZip followed by "-a %1 @%2".
'   For example, if WinZip is installed in your c:\winzip folder, specify
'       compress=c:\winzip\winzip.exe -a %1 @%2

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