TextArea character limits

The following code can be used to limit the number of characters one can enter into an HTML TextArea field.

<FORM action="nextpage.asp" method=POST name="myForm">

<TEXTAREA rows=3 cols=40 name="txt_project_description"></TEXTAREA>
<font size="1">
 Max 1000; characters remaining:  <input value="1000" size="3" name="msgCL" disabled>

<script language="JavaScript">
var supportsKeys = false
function tick() {
 if (!supportsKeys) timerID = setTimeout("tick()",1000)

function calcCharLeft(sig) {
 clipped = false
 maxLength = 1000
 if (document.myForm.txt_project_description.value.length > maxLength)
   document.myForm.txt_project_description.value = document.myForm.txt_project_description.value.substring(0,maxLength)
   charleft = 0
   clipped = true
   charleft = maxLength - document.myForm.txt_project_description.value.length
   document.myForm.msgCL.value = charleft
   return clipped



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