Loading Huge Files

l is set to 2k, 2*1024.  this is the buffer size, ie: how much to load in each go
strFile is the name of the file to open.

Dim l as long, sz as long
Dim FN As Integer
Dim strFile As String, c As String
FN = FreeFile
Open strFile For Binary Access Read As #FN
   l = 2 * 1024: c = Space$(l)    ' 2k Buffer Size,  2 * 1024
   sz = LOF(FN)
   If sz / l Then
       For d = 1 To sz / l
           Get #FN, , c
           MsgBox c
   End If

' load remainder of file, if filesize is not exactly divisable by l (2k)
   l = sz Mod l
   If l Then
       c = Space$(l)
       Get #FN, , c
       MsgBox c
   End If
Close #FN

The data loaded is returned in variable c. Do whatever you like with it..

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