Count Lines in File

The code below counts the number of lines in a file. Simply call the CountLines procedure, passing the file name in its parameter

Function CountLines(ByVal strFilePath As String) As Integer

       '     'delcare variables
       Dim fileFile As Integer
       Dim intLinesReadCount As Integer
       intLinesReadCount = 0
       '     'open file
       fileFile = FreeFile

              If (File_Exists(strFilePath)) Then
                     Open strFilePath For Input As fileFile
                           'file doesn't exist
                     MsgBox "File: " & strFilePath & " hasn't been downloaded yet. Preprocessing is being aborted.", MB_OK, "File Does Not Exist"
                     Count_Lines_In_File = -1
                     Exit Function
              End If

             'loop through file
       Dim strBuffer As String

              Do While Not EOF(fileFile)
                           'read line
                     Input #fileFile, strBuffer
                           'update count
                     intLinesReadCount = intLinesReadCount + 1

             'close file
       Close fileFile
             'return value
       Count_Lines_In_File = intLinesReadCount
End Function
Function File_Exists(strFilePath As String)
    If Dir(strFilePath, vbNormal + vbHidden + vbSystem + vbReadOnly) = "" Then
        File_Exists = False
        File_Exists = True
    End If
End Function

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