Reading Treeview Children

This is the code i use to read the children items from a treeview. You may have a treeview like this:

 Main Node
   + The Parent
    | - This is the first child
    | - This is the second child

just do:

Call ReadNodes("The Parent")

Note: this name MUST be the Key name/Index of the node to read

sub ReadNodes(sName as Variant)
   dim tvn as node

   set tvn = treeview1.nodes(sName)

   chil = tvn.Children: If chil = 0 Then Exit Sub     ' if no children the exit
   Set tvn = tvn.Child.FirstSibling
   For a = 1 To chil

      msgbox tvn.text  ' display a message with the child nodes name

      set tvn =
End Sub

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