Treeview Reverse Sorting

you may have a treeview like this:

Main Node
  + The Parent
   | - A
   | - B
   | - C
   | - D

This routine will sort Z-A
so the result should be

Main Node
  + The Parent
   | - D
   | - C
   | - B
   | - A

Private Sub Command1_Click()
   Dim tvn As Node
   Dim tvn2 As Node
   sName = 1  ' Change Node 1
   ' or sName = "MyNodeName"
   Set tvn = TreeView1.Nodes(sName)
   tvn.Sorted = True   ' firstly sort A-Z  then we simply replace last items with the first ones
   tvn.Sorted = False
   chil = tvn.Children: If chil = 0 Then Exit Sub     ' if no children the exit
   Set tvn = tvn.Child.LastSibling
   For a = 1 To chil
       Set tvn2 = tvn
       Set tvn = tvn.Previous
       TreeView1.Nodes.Remove tvn2.Index
       TreeView1.Nodes.Add sName, 4, tvn2.Key, tvn2
End Sub

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