Producing File Lists

Set strP to the path that you want to produce the file list from.
This code supprots pattern matching Ie: certain filetypes only like *.exe.

This doesn`t support recursion.

Note form moderator to the newbies:
Note that the functions below followed by $ also can be called without the $.

$ defines a string return in VB
End Note

sub GetFileList
  strP = "C:\"
  If Right$(strP, 1) <> "\" Then strP = strP + "\"
  ' strA=Dir$(strP+"\*.exe", vbDirectory) ' *.exe files only (No Folders)
  ' add vbDirectory to include folder names
  strA = Dir$(strP, vbDirectory)   '     ' get first file
  While strA > ""
      If strA <> "." And strA <> ".." Then

         If GetAttr(strP+strA) and vbDirectory then
           ' a folder
           ' a file
         End If

          'MsgBox strP + strA    ' strPathname + strFilename
      End If
      strA = Dir$ ' Get Next File
End Sub

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