Version Control Form

Version Control Form  v1.0.0
 By Carlos Ivan Conde Martin ([email protected])
 (c)2002 Spain

This form will help a programmer to maintain version control of projects in a specified text file.

A programmer-defined command line argument allow the programmer to change file details
directly within the developed program. This command can be included in
the project properties, so the text file is enabled to be edited only during
development, but not at the users runtime.

The form automatically controls resizing.

Use and modification of this form is allowed as long as its name
and this commented header is left as it is. Please be respectful with
author's work.
Suggestions,reports and bugs are wellcome.

Thanks to <jatrini>, for his support.
Thanks to Alberto Vazquez Navarro, a good partner at programming.
Thanks to Developer Fusion, for their great job.

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