Determining Client Capabilities

This code demonstrates how to determine the capabilities of a client browser from the resolution to the user language.

<head><title>Client Capabilities</title>
<body style="font-family:verdana;font-size:11px">
<u><b>Client Capabilities</b></u><br>
<script language="javascript1.2">
   "Vertical height of the screen :"+window.screen.availHeight+"<br>"+
   "Horizontal width of the screen :"+window.screen.availWidth+"<br>"+
   "Buffer depth of the screen :"+window.screen.bufferDepth+"<br>"+
   "Color depth of the screen :"+window.screen.colorDepth+"<br>"+
   "Vertical resolution of the screen :"+window.screen.height+"<br>"+
   "Horizontal resolution of the screen :"+window.screen.width+"<br>"+
   "Cookie enability :"+window.navigator.cookieEnabled+"<br>"+
   "Java enability :"+window.navigator.javaEnabled()+"<br>"+
   "CPU class :"+window.navigator.cpuClass+"<br>"+
   "Platform :"+window.navigator.platform+"<br>"+
   "System language :" +window.navigator.systemLanguage+"<br>"+
   "User language :"+window.navigator.userLanguage);

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