Decimal Integer to Binary String

Just put this function any where and pass a a number from 0 to 65535. You can pass higher that I think, but the function only pads the resulting string to 8 digit string or 16 digit string. anyway here it is:

Function dec2bin(N As Long) As String
If N > 0 Then
a = a + CStr(N Mod 2)
N = N \ 2
GoTo ell
End If
a = StrReverse(a)
g = Len(a)
If g < 8 Then
t = String$(8 - Len(a), "0")
a = t + a
End If
If g > 8 Then
t = String$(16 - Len(a), "0")
a = t + a
End If
dec2bin = a
End Function

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