MP3 Player

This project develops on a previously posted project for creating an MP3 Player using Microsoft's Media Player OCX.  I have added five modules (.bas) to save the list of MP3 songs whenever the user modifies the listbox.  When the main form (frmMain) loads, the listbox is populated from a text file that contains the song list previously saved.   To clean up the main interface a little bit, I also added a form to edit the MP3 tag and another form to pick the directory where the MP3 files may be located.

Where appropriate, I gave credit to all the websites where I got sample code to do many of the tasks I wanted to do.

  • Some features and VB techniques used are:
  • Random Function to play random songs; methods to Add, delete, and clear a listbox' contents;
  • Control Master Windows Volume via API call;
  • Open a text file for input and output;
  • Read contents/lines from text file;
  • Load a Picture from a file into ImageBox;
  • Popup Menus;
  • Drag and Drop Files into Listbox from Windows Explorer via API;
  • Controlling Media Player to play next, previous, and stop current song.

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