Spring wiring at run time -- Ben Morgan

Groovy & Grails Queensland
Tue, 13 Sep 2011, 07:00 - 09:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
oracle , Brisbane, AU

Part of an application I've worked on involved the need to be able to configure functionality at run time. Due to the structure of the application we needed to do this through configuration of a Spring application context. The solution we arrived at configures the wiring of the beans when the application starts which also enabled us to use it as mechanism to add 'plug in' functionality to our application.

This talk will explain why we took this approach and an example of how we used this to make our application more modularised. The techniques I will cover are:

  • Accessing the application context after it is initialised

  • Finding beans of a particular type

  • Adding new 'child' contexts to the existing context

  • Extending the application by adding additional jars to the classpath

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