January Meetup - Calling All Phone Developers

Dublin Alt.NET
Wed, 18 Jan 2012, 18:30 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
The Central Hotel , Dublin, IE

We’ve had to change our scheduled January talk on mobile development by James Hughes, as James’s wife is going into labour shortly! We wish them all the best. Hopefully we can reschedule his talk for some time later in the year, as we know there was a lot of interest.

In it’s place, we’re going to be discussing Semantic Versioning and Dependency Management. Same time, same place i.e. January 18th, 6.30 in the Central Hotel

More details on the Dublin Alt.Net blog.

In January we have James Hughes coming down from Belfast to give us a talk on all things mobile:

Mobile, How Do I Develop Thee?  Let Me Count the Ways Mobile development is a bit like writing web apps back in the browser war days - full of decision anxiety, volatility and platform specific issues.  There is no one true answer yet most people think there should be.  This talk will cover the popular(ish) options from native all the way to web solutions (and all the mashup magic in-between).  Oh yes and some opinion as well.

The talk is going to be about mobile development across multiple platforms and should appeal to all developers who are curious about the mobile space, regardless of their programming background and preference. Expect some lively discussion about experiences and frustrations :)

We had a good turnout for the last talk, and since James is making the trip from Belfast we hope we can repeat the success.

Date is January 18th at 6.30 in the Central Hotel

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