Historic Farmer's Market Restaurant Brunch

Culture and Cuisine Meetup
Sun, 5 May 2013, 15:30 - 18:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Raleigh, US

The State Farmer?s Market was established many years ago. Prior and during the World War II era, most of the locals sold produce all over the area with no ?central? location to display and sell their produce. The farmer?s conducted an informal study only to find a larger, more centralized location was needed for wholesalers, truckers, and local farmers with everyone?s business benefiting from the new location.

In 1955 the very first State Farmer?s market was constructed on a 17-acre site at 1401 Hodges St in Raleigh by a private developer. In 1958, the Market?s ?farmer?s section? was leased to the NC Department of Agriculture(NCDA) for operation and maintenance. The NCDA purchased the Farmer?s Market in 1961 taking over all operations.

By the mid 1970s, the Hodges Street Market had grown beyond its capacity and become unable to accommodate a swelling number of sellers and buyers. A United States Department of Agriculture study in 1979 indicated the need for expansion and improved facilities.

The site chosen for the new facility was the NCDA dairy farm near the Dorothea Dix Hospital. This site offered access to Interstate 40 and was convenient for most of the grower sellers. The new State Farmers Market opened in May 1991 and is located on approximately 75 acres adjacent to Lake Wheeler Road and Interstate 40. The State Farmer?s Market Restaurant was originally opened by Jackie Watkins on Hodges St and moved to its current location in May of 1991 with Gypsy Gilliam taking it over in the summer of 2002.

The ?Market? as it is affectionately called by the many hungry customers who visit it daily, offers fresh, home-cooked meals daily with a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables to choose from just across the street. In 2003, the State Farmer?s Market restaurant opened its doors to parties, meetings, or charitable functions during its evening hours when the restaurant is normally closed. The State Farmer?s Market restaurant is open 363 days a year till 3pm, closed only 2 days: Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

For more information, directions, and a menu, click the following link:

NC State Farmer's Market and Menu


$5 Annually to Cover MEETUP EXPENSES ... on your honor!

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