Fifty pluses for FarPoint Spread

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
The latest version of FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms adds over fifty new features, including enhancements to the formula functions, display customisations, Designer operation, printing options, and support for Tablet PCs.

Spread for Windows Forms continues to expand the display customisations possible with tool tips, cell note colours, tab strip placement, and custom focus indicators. Developers can add frozen rows and columns at the bottom and right of the spreadsheet, as well as the top and left. In addition to the existing 300 built-in functions, Spread now offers twelve additional database management formula functions for those who push the database envelope. Complex functions that require multiple parameters are no longer limited to 32 parameters – Spread can now have as many as 255 function parameters. There are many new cell type enhancements, including a pop-up calculator for currency cells.

The Spread Designer can now operate as a stand-alone application, enabling an enterprise to separate the data from the presentation layer, and develop templates and prototypes with ease. More events, such as user zooming, have been added to allow developers to catch a wider range of user interactions with the spreadsheet. With the growing popularity of the Tablet PC market, Spread for Windows Forms 2.5 now supports inking notation using the Microsoft Tablet PC SDK.

Spread for Windows Forms is available stand alone or bundled together with its ASP.NET version, Spread for Web Forms.

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