Defining the Enterprise Service Bus

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Sonic Software, inventor of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) concept, has introduced a comprehensive technical definition for ESBs. “Sonic ESB: An Architecture and Lifecycle Definition” is based on Sonic’s ESB product, and examines both the core capabilities and usage of an ESB from development to production. The declared aims of the definition are to provide:
  1. A comprehensive, unambiguous technical vocabulary in a category rife with confusion and conflicting terminology.
  2. A precise technical reference for the Sonic ESB.
  3. . A definitive basis for comparison between previous generation technologies, fractional ESBs and the reference model described by the definition.
The definition employs more than twenty UML class and object diagrams to depict the structure and show examples of how the ESB is built and operates. The text was written to educate architects about the inner workings of an ESB, and the aAppendix includes a complete Class Diagram and 100-term glossary as a reference model and vocabulary for the industry to use as organisations create their ESB strategy.

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