New XAML Toolkit CTP about to land

The first major update to the Microsoft XAML Toolkit since November 2009 is due to arrive imminently on MSDN.

The XAML Toolkit is a set of libraries enabling a set of features for developers working with XAML files. It enables .NET 4's System.Xaml DLL to understand Silverlight XAML, gives support to FxCop for Silverlight and WPF files and some other bits and pieces those working regularly with Silverlight view files should find useful.

One of the key new features of the new CTP is added support for Silverlight versions 3 and 4, as well as the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform. There's a new helper for ensuring you load the correct schema version in Silverlight, and an update to the licensing terms.

While the new release is stable and usable, there is still some way to go before the toolkit is ready to use in full production environments - be sure to check out the updated licensing terms before you put the code into practice.

The announcement of the new CTP was made on the WPF blog, and the toolkit should be available very soon from the MSDN Code page.

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