New ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta and WebMatrix Beta released for web developers

Microsoft has today announced 2 new Beta software releases as part of their web technology stack; ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta and WebMatrix Beta 2.

The MVC 3 Beta release is an advancement of the MVC 3 Preview shipped in July. The new features include enhanced support for the Razor view engine announced with the previous release; new View helpers for the simple creation of UI components such as charts and datagrids; and better XSS HTML validation and HTML 5 support in those. AJAX and Validation helpers built into the framework now use a so-called “nonobtrusive JavaScript” approach by default, which no longer injects JavaScript into HTML and uses the HTML 5 data convention, reducing HTML size. They also use the jQuery Validate plugin by default.

WebMatrix Beta 2 is an update to the Beta 1 released a few months ago. WebMatrix is a development tool aimed at those getting started in the ASP.NET world, with tools to help quickly start with existing open source projects such as WordPress. It includes all the software needed to test and debug ASP.NET applications in one small package. Today’s release includes the ability to use the Razor view engine when building ASP.NET web pages; the template projects now use HTML 5 and CSS 3; and there is a new Toolkit providing helpers for Analytics, Facebook integration, Twitter sharing and more.

Read more about ASP.NET MVC 3 and WebMatrix Beta 2 on Scott Guthrie’s blog, or check out the ASP.NET MVC download or WebMatrix download.

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