New Silverlight Media Framework adds support for Windows Phone 7

Late last week, a new version of the Silverlight Media Framework was released to developers.

The Silverlight Media Framework is a set of utilities designed to allow developers to deploy “robust, scalable and customisable” media players that work with IIS’ Smooth Streaming capability. It uses the Smoot Streaming Client from IIS as a base, adding a wide range of features for developers to use. These include an extensibility API permitting the creation of plugins for the framework, as well as other utilities to make developers lives easier.

The new version (v2.2) builds on the new features of version 2 (such as the API, support for multiple audio tracks, MEF support, a JavaScript API, support for the Silverlight Analytics Framework and much more) with support for Windows Phone 7 with a new set of binaries and source code project. It also features a set of bug fixes relating to specific areas of the project.

You can download the Silverlight Media Framework binaries and source code from Codeplex, or just the IIS Smooth Streaming Client from . You can also find out more about the release on their project page. Finally there is loads of information on Windows Phone 7 development and developer tools available on Developer Fusion.

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