installing PHP to IIS

  • 18 years ago

    when i try to install PHP to IIS, it all goes well until the end when I get this error message:

    and ideas? i did a clean install of windows xp (for various reasons) this morning.


  • 18 years ago

    hmmmmmm... wierd...

    if it was a clean install and you did do it with the 'latest' "STABLE" release of PHP(havent checked on the site yet) you shouldnt get any issues....

    check your system for the file MSCOMCTL.OCX, this is the 'Microsoft CommonControls 6' package wihch would have been installed anyway... try unregistering it and then reregistering then reboot your machine just to annoy yourself(no just for IIS to configrue itself)....

    I'm guessing your running VB/VS6 as well so i suggest you install SP5 wihch has updated MSCOMCTL as well...

    take it easy paul...

  • 18 years ago

    hi - thanks 4 ur response

    I actually managed to sort out the problem this morning... that file was missing from the System32 folder for some reason, so i copied it from another machine and it worked

    i'm glad u can guess i run VS6 .... but i haven't installed it yet since my clean install (i'll wait until something good comes on the telly and leave it installing lol)

    take care

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