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  • 17 years ago

    I have spent hours trying to get this to work - I have had enough - though new to PHP I am not new to programming so this is just so frustrating:

    Background : I am reading a MySQL data base and as normal testing a returned value for purposes of execution - no surprises so far.

    When executing the IF statement ALWAYS returns FALSE and gives the wrong answer - HELP

    Basic Function ===>>

    function resultstablerow($text1, $bool1, $text2, $bool2)
       print "$bool1\n";
       print "$bool2\n";
       print "<tr>\n";
           print "<td width=50% align=right>\n";
           print "$text1   \n";
           if ($bool1 = 1)
               {print "<img border=0 src=../images/Green%20Tick.bmp>\n";}
               {print "<img border=0 src=../images/Red%20X.bmp>\n";}
           print "</td>\n";
           print "<td width=50%>\n";
           if ($bool2 = 1)
               {print "<img border=0 src=../images/Green%20Tick.bmp>\n";}
           elseif ($bool2 = 0)
               {print "<img border=0 src=../images/Red%20X.bmp>\n";}
               {print "\n";}
           print "$text2\n";
           print "</td>\n";
       print "</tr>\n";

    Calling Mechanism =======>>>

       print "<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 style=border-collapse: collapse bordercolor=#111111 width=100% id=AutoNumber1>\n";

    //some debug code
       print "Start\n";
       print "type ";
       print gettype($selecteddetail->AFamilyFriendlyLogis);
       print gettype($selecteddetail->ANatureSilenceLogis);
       print "$selecteddetail->AFamilyFriendlyLogis\n";
       print "$selecteddetail->ANatureSilenceLogis\n";
       print "Middle\n";
       print $selecteddetail->AFamilyFriendlyLogis;
       print $selecteddetail->ANatureSilenceLogis;
       print "End\n";
       resultstablerow("A Family Friendly Logis",$selecteddetail->AFamilyFriendlyLogis,"A Nature (Silent) Logis",$selecteddetail->ANatureSilenceLogis);
       resultstablerow("A Vineyard Logis",$selecteddetail->AVineyardLogis,"A Cycling Logis",$selecteddetail->ACyclingLogis);
       resultstablerow("A Hiking Logis",$selecteddetail->AHikingLogis,"A Fishing Logis",$selecteddetail->AFishingLogis);
       resultstablerow("A Snow Logis",$selecteddetail->ASnow_Logis,"",9);

       print "</table>\n";

    The various MySQL fields (ie $selecteddetail->AFamilyFriendlyLogis) are all defined as TinyInt.

    The code always prints the last section of the IF else pair/triplette

    for example first always puts red X - second always puts ""

    What, can someone help me, is wrong - i have tried `, " and '  and numerics

    Many thanks in advance
    Kindest regards
    Sean MCPoland

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