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  • 17 years ago

    This is what I want to do, i dont know if anyone knows how to do this but i will ask. I want it so people can come to my site and create a page for them. Like I want them to enter there name, a description, and 3 pictures. When they click summit I want it to upload the pictures to my server and make a page with there description, name and pictures on it.
    So if a person named jack created a page it would create an html page named jack.html with the three pictures and the description on it.  Also it would be nice if it would check to see if the page exists and if it does tells the user to pick a different name.

  • 17 years ago

    rather than create a page named "jack.html", it would be much better to create a row in a database, with name as "jack", and all the other information stored in the database. then all you need is a PHP script to query the database and output the information into a page called something like people.php?person=jack

    you can upload the files to a directory on your server, see the tutorial here:

    and then all you need do is store the URL of the image in the database, and output that into your HTML from the PHP script as well.

    hope that's of some help

  • 17 years ago

    How would I do this, Im not really good with php, I can edit it but I cant really program it. Could someone give me all the code to do this?

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