problem involving an ActiveX control

  • 19 years ago

    I need some help with a problem involving an ActiveX control embedded in a web page.

    The best way to explain it is for you to try it, so I have made a demo page. If anyone could solve the problem, I would be very, very happy!

    The demo is at:

    You will have to download an activex control to use it - The control is an improved version of the microsoft DHTMLedit control, and actually

    includes the DHTMLedit control. It's safe, i promise.

    You will see a form with two text boxes and and the activex control. To replicate the problem, try the following:

    STEP 1 - Type something in the headline and summery boxes. So far, so good.
    STEP 2 - click in the ActiveX text box and type something, which should appear in the box.
    STEP 3 - try to delete what you have just typed - you will find that you are deleting the text in the summary textbox.

    We think that the Problem is that the activeX control does not seem to get focus properly. A user will type info into the HTML text boxes, then

    click on the activeX control to begin typing into that box. What the user types will appear, but if they use the backspace key, the letters from the last textbox they edited are deleted.

    Any feedback at all would be welcomed. (even if I have already tried it, as you may know a better way)

    my email is [email protected]


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